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About The Boys in Blue

This is a homage to those times I enjoyed as a kid when, through my innocence, I thought City would always be challenging for honours. In 1976 we were runners up by 1 point. I thought "There's always next year" How wrong could we be?

Who am I?
First game was a night match early 70´s maybe 74. I was around 6 years old. My Dad took me in the main stand for my induction to the Blue family.
What do I remember?
I remember vividly the brilliant green pitch far below, I was in awe at the noise from the vast stand on the other side, we scored at least one goal, the opposition wore stripes, but what I remember most was the smell of Evergreen. That stuff players used to put on their legs to relax muscles. You don't smell that anymore.

The next game saw me already on the Kippax. Me on the wall with a bag of crisps. My Dad and mates back at the first bar-rier. That's where, up close, I saw the players who would stay with me for life. Peter Barnes, Joe Royle, Brian Kidd, Dave Watson, Mike Doyle, Big Joe Corrigan ... and the King himself. Happy days.
Like every other Blue of this vintage we then spent our teenage years traipsing around the country, though unaware at the time, witnessing the slow, sorry, steady decline of our beloved club into the abyss. We sang "City are back" at the slightest sign of success. Then gradually even that died out. What happened? Small-time leadership, inept management, inevitable ebb and flow of time?

For now, I am just enjoying the journey back - what seems to be news to some people is MCFC has a very fine heritage thank you - now, finally it seems City are back!
I'm looking forward my club challenging again.

What I do.
Apart from the kookstar decoration site I have developed this site to indulge my passion for the Blues and justify the amount of time I spend pondering all things City. I certainly enjoy what I do and I think that you will see that in the attention to detail of an ever receding memory.



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